Halloween Marketing Campaign

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Here’s a little hallow-tini drink we’ve been cooking up at #kickicecocktails to celebrate Halloween ? ⁠


? Kick Ice Pina Colada Cocktail Mix⁠
? White Rum⁠
? Aperol ⁠
? Glass rim: Whizz Fizz⁠
? Garnish: Lemon/lime slices & mint⁠

Make #kickice as per directions on pack (best made night before) and freeze⁠
Remove #pinacolada mix from freezer ½ hr before serving⁠
Rub rim of glass with lemon or limes and coat with #whizzfizz⁠
Squeeze bag to get the mix all slushy. ⁠
Add a hefty splash of @aperolspritzau, give it a shake⁠
Serve immediately with mint and slices of lemon or lime.⁠

? Mocktail alternative: leave out the alcohol and add orange juice or natural food colouring to make it good and Halloweeny orange⁠

Second post

?? Happy Halloween everyone! ??⁠.

We hope you are making the most of a Halloween… on a Saturday… with a blue moon. What are the chances?!

We’re having fun making these spooky mocktails for the kids. How are you spending your COVID Halloween?

? To make this mocktail: take your #kickice cocktail mix out of the freezer 30 mins before serving. Give it a good squeeze and scoop into a glass. Poke some scary lollies into the top, add some slices of fruit and a fake spider or two. Serve with a scary voice and a healthy slug of Halloween “cheer” for the adults. Voile

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