Keith Carpenter

I have had a website ( since 2009. For all that time, including through two major rebuilds/revisions of the website, Sharri Boucher has been my website designer.

In the initial iteration of my website, I provided the text and Sharri undertook all the basic structural design work for the website. She worked out the themes and found me ‘open-access’ photographs that supported the message I wanted to convey with my website.
After several years with a live website, I decided to engage a copywriter to improve the ‘feel’ of my website text to better engage with the market I was trying to reach. I made this change with some encouragement and urging from Sharri. During that redevelopment and rebuilding, Sharri worked closely with my copywriter to ensure that the new text was integrated smoothly into my website.
Recently, my website needed a rebuild, as the platform on which it was built was in danger of becoming outdated. Sharri managed the rebuild and made the changeover seamlessly.

Through all her dealings with me, Sharri has been very professional in her approach. She has focused on the message that my website has been trying to convey. She has spoken up when she has seen points in my text where I have either not been clear or have not been consistent in line with my basic message. She has not hesitated to point out where I have been doing things that would not have worked in a website, together with an explanation of the underlying issues I was missing.
Over the life of my website, Sharri has kept a watching brief on my website to ensure that it still functioned and she has also made sure that its technical structure has been kept up-to-date.