Kick Ice Cocktails

Kick Ice Cocktails have created 3 cocktail premixes that are sensational.  It’s gluten free, contains no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.  The bag system is genius for camping and also from an ecological point of view.  Its a bit like a tub of alcoholic super doopers.

We started working together in 2009, and have created 3 different websites. Recently Kick Ice Cocktails tasked me to project manage their marketing campaigns over the 2020-21 Christmas and summer period. Until then, I had worked primarily on their web and edm requirements while Nat managed her social media and sales’ campaigns. We planned to build brand awareness via social media using interesting and quirky content. Our inspiration came from the engaging edms sent out from Hobart’s MONA’s Museum and we’ve had a lot of fun coming up with ideas and creating content and campaigns from these ideas.

In November 2020, Kick Ice’s sales increased by 61% from their 2019 figures and the number of orders increased by 73%. What I’ve loved about this contract is that I manage the project from end to end. It’s satisfying to see the results of your labours and I’ve learnt a

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