Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup (RWC) is a tournament that is contested every four years between the top international teams across the world.

Jakiti Design has created We Love Rugby’s suite of design collateral for RWC2011, RWC2015 and RWC2019.

Every design, from merchandise to the simplest social media post, has to adhere to the strict brand guidelines provided by RWC organisers who approve the artwork before release. This, necessarily, imposes certain artistic and time-based limitations, but the creative challenge offered by RWC is one we truly enjoy and look forward to embarking on again!

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Client We Love Rugby
Event RWC2011, RWC2015, RWC2019
Deliverables Brochures, App, Website, EDMs, Social Media, Content Creation, Graphic Design, Merchandise
Tools Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Mailchimp, Customised CMS
Category Marketing App Design Content Creation Design Event Jakiti Design Merchandise Design Print Design Project Social Media We Love Rugby Web Design